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Wayne's Small Engine Clinic, Inc. is a family based business who takes great pride in providing quality sales and service. Our "fix it right" and "fix it once" philosophy has proved to be one of our greatest assets throughout the years. Our knowledgeable sales and service staff will always take the time to thoroughly explain a diagnosis or educate you on new products.

Wayne's Small Engine Clinic, Inc. was started by Wayne Cousineau in 1978. In 1977 Wayne was working for General Motors as a mechanic and like any homeowner had grass to cut, hedges to trim, and snow to move. Being a mechanic he knew that proper maintenance was important for all his equipment. Like all of us he took his equipment to the local small engine shop. Wayne found himself taking his equipment back and forth multiple times because of shoddy servicing. The problem was very rarely fixed the first time and was costing him time and money.

Out of pure frustration Wayne decided to fix his equipment himself, after all he was a mechanic. Soon after Wayne was fixing small engine equipment for all his friends, family, and neighbors. Realizing that he had a flair for small engine repair and quality small engine repair was hard to find he started Wayne's Small Engine Clinic, Inc.

Wayne's Small Engine Clinic, Inc. has come a long way since 1978. Wayne first worked out of his home garage. Soon Wayne's customer base and throughput grew to a point that exceeded his garage. So in 1992 he moved to his current location at 80 Paine Street. With continuing success and growth in 1993 Wayne added a 1,400 sq. ft. showroom to the building. Wayne's success has not happened by accident.  Wayne's Small Engine Clinic, Inc. has established itself as a highly dependable small engine shop that produces top quality friendly service.

"Wayne's Small Engine is where satisfied customers send their friends"




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